Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's on my Bench?

I have some works-in-progress so I thought I'd do a short post to show you what I'm hoping to finish up by the end of the week!

The above pendant was first etched with a copyright-free pattern I found in one of those Dover design books (I think it was Art Nouveau but I'm not sure!) I cut out the design and smoothed the edges. I used Argentium silver, so that afterward I could put some select granules on top of the pattern to further decorate the surface. After fusing them on, I created a 22k gold bezel and fused that on as well. I'll use a gold-filled chain to complete the mixed-metal look.  So now I need to set the stone, attach the chain and figure out what to use/make for a clasp.

I also made a couple of my twisted/braided ring shanks for use in some special rings. I recently bought this yummy translucent chalcedony and am thinking it may be perfect for the job. I'm thinking about how I'm going to set it. Was considering using a gold bezel, with maybe some silver granulation on the sides, or maybe even a stone set on the side, too. Not sure....

These are recent etchings. The top pair are domed a bit, with keum-boo fold foil in the center and oxidized. The eyes are really cool, aren't they? Still trying to think of what else to do with them for earrings. Any ideas?

These small etchings will have 6mm opals in the center. They're prettier than they look here because once I blacken the background they will really be set off and firey! At first I was gonna keep it simple and just solder those bezel cups on and put a post on the back. But I recently did a survey on our Ladysmiths Jewelry Collective Facebook page, and more people actually prefer wire earrings. So, I'm thinking of a new plan.... catch me back later and see how they end up!


  1. Lovely stuff!
    I love that you share a little of the technical side of things. Thank you...

    Tears? Briolettes perhaps? A stone in the reflection...I am excited to see what you do, they are amazing already!

  2. What a perfect etching job! And those opals....droooooool....your work is so good you could probably set them all on wooden sticks and they'd look great lol. :)

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