Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Work Completed

Finally finished some things sitting on my bench for the whole week- ugh! I hate when I have no time to work, distracted by the 'small stuff' of life!

You may remember this from my last blog post- this guy was almost done- just needed to set the stone and put on the chain and clasp.

It's a pretty piece- looks better on but I don't have anyone to model for me!! I opted for a gold-filled chain to increase the mixed-metal look of the piece, which I like.  Some keum boo added to this- etching, granulation- would be nice too. I am thinking that to combine techniques makes my work stand out more as I develop my own 'look'. It's been about 8 years since I started metalsmithing and I'm just feeling like I need to develop my own look or brand. It's hard to find a niche in today's over-crowded jewelry category!!

The other problem (if it is one) is that I love using opals so much, in exclusion of other stones. Ho hum. These were going to be simple post earrings, but after surveying women and having most like the wire-type earrings, I changed my mind!

The pic's a bit blurry- sorry! I had to rush the pic because the camera was almost out of power and guess what? My daughter doesn't remember where she put the charging unit to the camera! Nice! Anyhoo... I fused the bezel cup and 3 granules onto the discs, then fused the 4 balls onto the square wire, which was then soldered onto the discs. The earwire was soldered onto the back of the square wire. I like the industrial quality they have- I think it contrasts nicely with the vaguely floral etching and the ethereal quality of the opals. 

Still have a couple of things on my bench to finish up- I hope the 'small stuff' of life doesn't keep me away from my bench this week!!

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