Monday, January 20, 2014

New Beginnings...

So my goals for January were threefold:
1) Create at least 10 items that I could send out to cast, to be my first production line.

Above are the 10 items (I think). I sent them out to my 3rd try on casters- I hope I find this 3rd casting house has the best balance of cost, quality, and turn-around time. Of course, none of the above are oxidized for contrast or with stones set, so I'm not sure how much you at home will be able to tell how the final product will look, but I am hopeful. I can already tell that the ones with lots of plain sheet space do not come out as well as I like. The predicament I have is the darkening of the background so that it is even.

But when they come back from the caster, I have a plan! I am going to throw them in the tumbler with fine abrasive media to create an almost sand-blasted look, then I will oxidize them, hoping that it will be even and not streaky. Then I will buff the tops. Hope I am on to a good solution! I browsed the internet at pictures of others' granulated and oxidized works, and somehow I see more even-ness in the background black than I have been able to achieve. I am hoping this treatment will be the correct one in order to get that same result!!

I also sent in this piece- it is a ring shank. You know how much I love these twisted wire, braided-look shanks. So, I figured, why not make it my signature? That way, my 'line' of products will include ring shanks that are consistent, too. I hope they look good together! Plus, these take time to make so it'll be nice to have a bunch at the ready!

So, these are the new pieces I've made this month, and they will join the other 4 I made last year. I hope I have enough range in scale. These all will become earrings, and some will become pendants and rings as well. I even ordered some in brass so I could see how they looked in 'gold'. That may be a good option too. I did order a lot of calibrated stones. My other fear is I ordered too many and will offer too many choices! Maybe each piece will have a certain limit to options. We'll see- all will be decided when I get my pieces and stones in!

This is illustrative of my second goal:
2) Get the 6-8 pieces that are half-done on my bench DONE.

Originally I had this in an Irene Neuwirth-type design, but it just didn't 'sing' to me, so I re-thought it as you see above, and below. I think it looks kind of cosmic and far-out, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the final turns out. Now that my items are in the caster's hands, I am ready to move on to my second goal- this week! (although they are calling for snow here this week and so my kids may be off for a coupla days... sigh....

And what is my 3rd goal????

3) Work on some new, experimental pieces!!!

Okay, I actually have a few things in mind for new work, and experimental work consists of playing with my kistka, but you'll have to watch this space for more updates about that.....