Sunday, March 16, 2014

Influences and Artwork... Obsessed with Jill Ricci

I wanted to share some artwork with you by Jill Ricci, who I'm totally obsessed with. Here is her website:

I don't know her, but have seen her work around the internet and on Pinterest and really connected to her work.

Just without reading her bio, you can see she uses collage- found objects/papers, layers, form and graffiti-esque application of information. Order within chaos, ancient form, modern application, color, texture, pattern, decor and embellishment. 

Her work really appeals to me on so many levels and I wished I owned one....! One day!

There is something very tactile about her work too- you want to touch it, maybe peel back some of the layers to see what's underneath.

There also seems to be a 'snapshot' quality to her work- like you're only seeing a snippet of a whole.

And yet they are composed, balanced, and symmetrical in their own way. 

I also like to use some of the exotic shapes she encorporates. I feel a kinship in her use of the old and the modern. 

Here's some pieces from my current inventory that have some of a similar feel:

You can check out my shop for more pieces:

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