Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Photographic Opportunity

This holiday season I had the opportunity to consign some pieces to photographer/portrait artist Leslie McIntosh in Virginia Beach. She wanted to try to market jewelry from a smattering of different artists and did several shows in her beautiful studio, with creative displays and marketing.

What's so interesting is how she photographed my pieces, above. It's always surprising to see one's work photographed by someone else. It takes you aback because of the way they 'see' your work, and the decisions they make to package it. But there are definite advantages to having a photographer market jewelry!! It's a beautiful photograph. The makeup dots above her eyebrows seems to reinforce the granulated technique of the jewelry.  It has a certain spirit, too, which I think aligns with the spirit of the pieces. As I always am taking extreme close-ups of my pieces, I do seem to want to look closer at each of the pieces, but I have to remind myself to take the image in as a whole.

What do you think??


  1. LOVE IT! Wow. What an opportunity! I too, was wanting a close up of the jewelry, but I think that is our nature as people who create jewelry and sell and buy online. That being said, I adore the photo and it does make me want to see more. If I saw this as an ad in a magazine, I'd want to know where I could see more by the artist. If I saw this outside a shop, it would certainly draw me in to see more and to see the pieces up close. So as marketing, I don't think you could get any more perfect! It does have a feel and spirit to it that you may not get as close ups of individual pieces. For many people, they need to visually see it expressed this way for them. Many, if not most, people aren't able to see one piece of jewelry, clothing, etc and create their own "feel", "mood" or "spirit" throughout a complete look, but once they see it expressed completely, they MUST HAVE some or all of the pieces that make up the whole.

  2. Dana, that's really gorgeous!

  3. Dana your jewelry is stunning and stands on its own merit. I agree it's helpful to see pieces on the body, but I feel the gimmicky eyebrows distract and detract from the work. The eye should be drawn to the gorgeous jewelry without first having to work out in the mind what is going on with those eyebrows. Keep it simple!