Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Work to be Cast....

So I found another caster that was recommended and they charge 1/4 of the cost of the last casting house I used. I am going to send a few things their way to see how they do! I was not happy with the molds created last time, and I'm hoping that now that I know more about the process, I will better be able to work with them on getting the results I want. Plus, they were so expensive that I couldn't get my costs down to where I wanted them for a lower-cost alternative to one-of-a-kind pieces I make. 

Here's some earrings I saw online- they influenced the design on the earrings below:

Yes, I love that onion-dome-like shape. Very exotic. So this was an experiment: I sawed-out the design and fused it to a backplate using Argentium silver, of course. Then I granulated in the recesses. I kind of like how it came out! Kind of different! So this is one of the pieces I will send them to see how they do with this level of detail.

I will then be able to easily solder on a earwire on the back, as well as some bezels to hold any number of different stone combinations.

And here are a few more earrings designs I'll be working on in the next few weeks, also to send to the caster for a less expensive line of jewelry that will increase my inventory. I'm hoping to approach some stores this year to carry my items!

Some of these could also be turned into pendants, and even rings. But I have some wax experiments I'd like to do this Fall too, so that will be an interesting exploration. I am hoping that casting will be a great solution to creating a reasonably-priced collection of well-designed pieces, using the same high-quality stones I've always used. I'm excited to explore the possibilities!

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