Sunday, May 5, 2013

This Tuesday, something is coming.....

And I CAN'T WAIT!! My lapidary trim saw bit the dust months ago and I've been either going without, or using my slab saw, which is way too big and powerful to cut out shapes from slabs (I've had some breakage). So the truth is I haven't cut many new things in the last few months. But come Tuesday, I will be furiously cutting stones! So excited!

Ann Robinson told me about this machine- she got one and it replaced her trim saw. I met Ann when I took a class at her home/studio near me in Springfield, Virginia. Here is a link to her site:

I also saw a demonstration of this saw in Tucson this year. My biggest concerns are 1) water splash and 2) effectiveness with harder stone.

And with the money I made at my recent Ladysmiths show, I figured the time was right...

Because I'd like to use my trimsaw indoors, I'd like the water splash to be minimal. Ann says it's wonderful; not a problem. So we'll see. As it is, I have to park my large slab saw inside and wheel it out in a garden cart when I need to use it- it's incredibly watery when in use. Water flying everywhere. I get wet, everything gets wet. Which I guess is a good problem to have, since dry-sawing rock is not good....

But in Tuscon I saw that it does take longer to saw thru harder stone. So we'll see... I'm also concerned about blade breakage because those bad boys are $75 a piece!!

So, come Tuesday, I'll be ready to give a report!!!


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