Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to Work

From my last post you can see I am back in the stone-cutting business after finally purchasing a new trim saw after my last one died. It feels good to finally finish some stones that have been laying around for months and months....
You can see I used my ring saw again to trim up some rough slabs, as well as used my grinding wheel to clean up the shapes. You can see some jaspers, chrysacollas, agates...

After I grind the shapes, I like to bevel the bottom edge so it sits nicely and doesn't flake apart when being set. I also take the bottom and sides to a satin finish before I work on dopping the stones to work on the tops.

Here I set the stones in groups to be dopped according to size. Some are already done to the left. Only a few stones will fit on the dopping station at a time, and I have a cache of large stones to finish this go-around...

Here you can see some kambaba jasper, ruby in zoisite, imperial jasper, and porcelain jasper heating up, waiting to be dopped with the green wax on the end of a stick/dowel. If the stone is not hot, the wax will not stick.

And here are all 21 cooling after being dopped. Believe it or not, most of the work is done- now to finish the tops! Look for these new cabochons in my shop in the next few days:

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