Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Packaging & Promotion

I think a lot of artisans think a lot about packaging their product in such a way that it reinforces the theme of their business idea. Let's face it- it's kinda fun! There are certain mainstays in my packaging and promotion- things I always like to have:

This is a pad of sticky notes. It has my logo and website on it, as well as my email address. I've been ordering these for years from VistaPrint. These are new as I recently changed my business name to Dana Evans Studio from StoneAddict Jewelry. I always write a little thank you note on them and stick them on the package I'm sending to a customer.

These button magnets I designed and then ordered on Etsy last Spring and include with all my jewelry orders. They are 2-1/4" in diameter and have a nice magnet on the back- here's a link:

One other thing I've been doing for years is using iron-on transfer paper to create logos on jewelry pouches. I buy muslin pouches from PaperMart.com in a couple of different sizes, then design my logo and print it out as many as will fit on one sheet.

This is the brand I've been using- I got it on Amazon.com but Staples.com also has them. There are many out there! It's only for inkjet printers- and there are specific settings on my print dialogue box for 't-shirt transfer'. Why is that important? See below:

That's right- the printer setting mirrors the image for you, so that when you iron it on, it reads the correct way! Pretty important!! It also signals the printer to create a high-quality print.

So here ya' go... a nice pouch that looks pretty professional. Takes little time to create and it's a nice touch. It has my logo and website, so between the sticky note, button magnet and this, there's no excuse for a customer to forget how to find me!!

The last thing I include in my customer's order is a small piece of polishing cloth. These are the Sunshine brand, and I buy a bulk of 10, then use a pair of serrated fabric scissors to cut each piece into 6 sections. That way, one package yields 60 small pieces- that lasts a long time! It's a small touch but I think customers like them.

In addition, there are SO many other promotional materials available. A quick search on Etsy resulted in a lot of different ideas one could use:

I guess you have to consider your product and what's appropriate. In the dental office my mother works in, they give away free small lip balms, complete with office information on the tube. There are lots of products out there to choose from, and lots of companies to buy from. 

I recently bought a binder from zazzle.com that had my business logo on it. I bought some baseball card inserts and keep pictures of every piece I make in it:

And, of course, there are business cards. With 101 companies out there to make them, the choices are endless. One of my faves is overnightprints.com. They offer rounded corners and a nice thick card.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the great resources and ideas!!

  2. I received my mosaic necklace yesterday and was so impressed with the packaging (already went to leave Etsy feedback, but had to come here to see what else you were making). I loved the packaging. When I pulled the big pink box out of the cloud of deep purple tissue paper I was so excited. The larger size box was very impressive because I was expecting a smaller, typical jewelry box. I loved the post it note and tucked it inside of the box's lid (have to keep track of provenance) and felt as if I were getting a little gift when I saw the sunshine cloth - they really do last forever and I love having a new one. The muslin pouch is fantastic! It really grabbed my attention after seeing so many organza pouches, plus it drives home the idea of handmade. I put on my new necklace and wore it the rest of the evening. Now I'm picking out my clothes so I can wear it to work today! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback, Lois- very good to know and I'm glad you enjoyed the package! ;) Dana

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