Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you Moo?

Recently the ladies metalsmith group I meet with regularly had a powerful meeting where we discussed our 'story'. This resulted in me wanting to change the theme of my jewelry business a bit. Instead of StoneAddict Jewelry by Dana Evans, I decided to change my business name to Dana Evans Studio. It was all because, although I LOVE stones, my design sense has strong roots in my architecture training, and some of the ladies could see the structure of my work as me building 'houses for stones'. So, I decided I needed to better encorporate my architecture background into my jewelry work, and the result has kept me busy... new website, new packaging, new image. If you want to see our meeting blog, look here:

If you haven't gotten here from my new website, you can find it here:

I worked hard on it over the last few weeks- hope you like it! So, the next step was packaging. I bunch of my fellow metalsmith ladies love cards. They are half the height of a regular business card, and you can put any number of images on the front, with business info on the back. 100 cards will run you around $20. I ordered a bunch of business cards, but I also ordered a set that were blank on the back, with a snippet of my logo on the front, with the intention of making tags.

I found this multi-size tag punch on Amazon; I liked the design of the tags and the fact there's 3 sizes.

I figured I could get one small tag and one medium tag punched from each moo card.

Here's my moo card in the medium slot- it's easy to position the card from below, where you can see where the cut will occur, then squeeze to pop out the tag shape.

Once cut out, I use my small hole punch to make a hole for the attachment string.

Here's a collection of tags in progress...

Of course, not one to shy away from a theme, I also found this blue and white baker's twine (one from Anthropologie, one from the local paper store) in which to continue my color theme of blueprint blue & white. I'll also be using this to tie up my items to ship.

Here is the small tag attached to a ring.

I'm easily able to write a short description with price on the back. Voila! Love it!

In addition, Moo was selling these picture frames for around $25. They hold 20 moo cards in various arrangements you decide on. Each card slips into a plastic holder and can be re-arranged, then the acrylic cover goes on, and there are 6 border screws to hold everything together. They come in black or white. I'm thinking I need to buy a little easel, and this will be a great thing to display at our group Ladysmiths show in late April along with my new Moo cards!

So many possibilities.... You can see how each card slips into a plastic holder- looks like a frame around each card. I am lovin' my new moo products...! Next up... designing new earrings cards....


  1. Such great ideas! I love how you are very creative not only with your beautiful jewelry designs, but also with the marketing side.

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