Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Goings-On

The holidays 2014 are here and I've been busy with this and that.... here's an update of what I've been doing... not rocket science but making strides....

These birds were right outside my parked car when I went to mail some holiday gifts. A little rain on the parking lot and they think it's the beach! Been busy shopping for the holidays... always a busy and challenging time of year but also festive...

This was a drawing my artist daughter Sydney did for Thanksgiving. Yes, a little weird, but that's a teenager for ya'.... she definitely has her own sense of humor. Apparently all my kids do because my other daughter thought this was hysterical too...  I'm a bit clueless, but then I'm middle aged, out of touch and 'old'....

Yes, my husband has a beard, and yes, he remarked that bacon-scented beard oil would be a great holiday gift!!!

This is my threesome making weird faces at the intermission of the Nutcracker last weekend. They really enjoyed the ballet- more than they thought they would considering there were no words spoken. 

And yes, I have been making jewelry.... this piece was photographed for a customer in Indiana. She owns a store there and requested that this piece, normally a pair of earrings, be made into a pendant. She also requested that the white chain be oxidized, a change that I liked so much that I'm going to oxidize ALL my white chain. Really makes it pop. Just goes to show you that sometimes customers come up with great ideas you haven't ever thought of!! It's great to get feedback...

In addition, my spinner ring made it into the Boutique section of Belle Armoire Jewelry for their Winter 2014 issue. It also contains abbreviated instructions on how to make these rings. If, however, YOU would like full instructions, please email me and I will send them to you!

These are some recent one-of-a-kind earrings I made. I cracked one of the stones when I set them, so until I can repair or replace the stone (opal) they are MINE. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!! (in fact, I'm wearing them right now!)

I am also getting ready for the trade show I'm doing in one month- it's local, thankfully, at the D.C. Convention Center Jan. 16-19. It's called the American Made Show put on by the Rosen Group. Used to be in Philly and called the Buyer's Market. I had these custom necklace busts made and also am working on ring and earrings displays. Don't worry- you'll get a FULL REPORT of this show with lots of pictures in the week after I get back!

Happy holidays everyone!!


  1. It sounds like you've been busy!
    Congrats on your lovely ring being in the magazine and that pendant is gorgeous too. Not so sure about the bacon scented beard oil..........if lots of animals start following your husband down the street you'll know why :D
    Have a great Christmas!

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